DSCF0006.JPGFirst attempt to use my own photo as reference image for an (unpatient thus unwillingly impressionist) oil painting 🙂


Fear, Procrastination, Sense of Guilt and Hope

DSCFghd,jhrgfwd.JPGThis watercolour painting was made last year in a hard period while I was writing my thesis.

We can experience dark times, but we always need to know that everything will be fine at the end. And I mean spiritually. We also need to consider whether our difficulties are first world problems and notice how lucky we are if yes. (I am so lucky and grateful about that.)
What do you think, how did you resolve big long crizis situations?
Reference picture painted by Andrea Szabó.

First Oil Painting

Hi Everyone,
Apologies for posting so few this year and thank you for the continouos support and visiting my blog.
Let me provide my very first oil painting below, reference picture was a lovely painting by Elena Yushina. And OMG I’d never thought that I will love oil painting this much. I thought aquarelle will be my all time favourite, but now I’m not sure 😀


I would also like to share with you this very inspiring and motivating video from artist Kiri Østergaard Leonard. I asked her a year ago on youtube whether I can share this video (my user name is jamesnon86 there) and she approved, but I am this good at procrastination. Kiri says that practice is the key for art and when you see her artwork, you feel that you too can achieve everything with hard practice.
I recommend to watch this video every time when you feel undermotivated, she is so full of creative energy, listening to her advices will help you a lot 😀 Thanks Kiri!

Under the read more tag let me just summarize my year and my plans shortly:
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Early Drawing

Hi dear Followers,

Unfortunately I have no time to practice drawing further until 20th of April 😦 As this is the last due date when my thesis can be accepted at university, so I really have to complete it somehow. I started it 7 years ago (not studying, but writing the thesis…), stopped a few times for months, years. Last time 3 years ago, because although I finally collected 80 participants who filled in my questionnaires, but then I had a very hard time with the statistics, which is still incomplete.
So I will post some of my early drawings again.
But from 20th of April I WILL BE AS FREE AS A BIRD, I cannot wait. This thesis has a very wrong influence to my soul, but it needs to be done, unless I will only have a high school degree despite of the 6,5 years at Uni.

UPDATE1, April the 20th: and a few more weeks. It would not be me if I could finish this until the due date. Unbelievable. And I can only hope that they would accept it late. But the good news are that I am not alone with this amazing amount of procrastination, turned out that 3 of my classmates are in the same position.

UPDATE 2, May: the thesis got completed, accepted!! 😀 Only a little final step is left, the dissertation defence in June yayyy! And finally I have time to paint!

UPDATE 3, June the 18th: 2 more days until thesis defence, then I’ll be totally FREE (except the work of course xD)

Animals old

CC. 2001-2004? *Not all is my own character. As I remember the following are my own idea: puppy, sad bird, giraffe (not proud), pig, cat, bunny and in the front the grasshopper