Dragon is Done

Finally I finished the dragon drawing. It was the most complicated, the DSCN3839hardest drawing that I copied, I worked really much on it. That’s why it took so long time, months. This was the last copied drawing I made for a while.

The idea and the original drawing belongs to John E. Kaufmann.

The next steps will be:

1) Examine and draw some artistic anatomy to know how to draw human body.

2) DRAWING PORTRAITS, YAAAAAY! The first I will make about Madeline Carroll who was playing in my favourite movie ‘Flipped’. She looks so beautiful, I try to give this back at the portrait.

Can’t wait, I only have so little leisure time nowadays.



I’ve been really busy because of my new job, but I am still working on the dragon drawing. From now on I try to draw it a little faster, because my development is very slow now. After the dragon I can draw human portraits, I can’t wait 🙂