Quick Portrait

I started the Madeline Carroll portrait, but didn’t had much time.DSCN6638
When we travelled abroad and had a holiday, I drew a John Newman portrait for practice.
A quick portrait like this is very useful to see ones mistakes and learn from them. Let’s see the biggests of them:
1) I can’t recognise John Newman in the portrait. I guess it’s mostly because of the lines of the eyes, they must be very punctual.
2) On the other hand because of the position of the eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips. The eyes are too close to each other – I have to take care for the position especially of them on the face (That’s why I normally use helplines)
3) I have to forget the lines. Especially the left side of the face we can see that it’s not like in life. I have to use much more shading instead.
4) The lips are too short and a bit far from the nose.
5) The shading of the face is too light, not all the white places get so much lightness.

So I can continue the Madeline portrait with these consequencies. I hope it will be much better 😉


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