Portrait in Progress

Just a little bit and the Madeline Carroll portrait will be done.

The face is ready, only a bit of hair and T-shirt is I have to finish.

It’s so exciting, what will it look like the whole of it, and who will be the next to draw.

What did I learn from creating this drawing so far:

1) Unfortunately my paper is too thin, so let’s learn not to buy and use too thin and cheap paper 🙂 We need normal paper.

2) I really need something to draw on. I can’t sit by a desk, I have my own little place, I only can create something there (or sometimes at work :D)

3) From next time I need to use more added lines for the sketch. You know with them U can be more precise with the sketch.

4) Clothes are not my strongnesses. I need to practice them.

5) I also need to practice body particles after artistic anatomy. Have to study for example the bones and the muscles on the face and neck first of all.

The others we will see later.

Thanks for reading! 🙂