Ref pic.: André Kertész: Chez Mondrian, Paris, 1926

anrdé kertész


The Walk

The Walk
My plan was to finish a piece every day, but it failed badly. I was not even able to draw or paint every day. I was on vacation, felt sick, worked a week in night shift, so I simply did not have the energy.

Today is the 20th day of the 30 day period, and as I counted I have 10 finished drawing/sketch/painting. Which is my personal record.

I can suggest to everyone who is a little under-motivated in practicing to try this challenge. What this changed for me:

  • Now I feel that I became brave enough to continue a piece even if I figured out that it will be not good enough. It is practice, it has not to be a masterpiece.
  • Because of the above statement I enjoy drawing so much more as I do not concentrate on the perfectionism and the result anymore, but I just flow with the joy of creating something 🙂
  • I try to manage my time to make more leisure time to draw and paint.
  • Drawing and painting has became an every day habit for me and this is such a good feeling.

Thanks for reading, have a great creative day ^ ^