Cats and Art

I was examining some of my paintings to find out what should I continue and what should I change in the next ones. But Kius one of my cats tried to cover them all ­čśÇ



Kiara <Photo edited with Photoscape>



Drawing – Practice is the Key

Practice is the key obviously. After I saw a Hungarian artist’s Zita V├ęgh’sZita_Vegh_Development
development (in the right),┬áI believe that it’s possible for most of us to draw like her (F.Y.I. the last one was drawn with ballpoint pen).

Who really wants, he/she can do it in 10 years (one of my professors in a psychology class said that real talent will evolve with 10 years of practice).

So with pretty much motivation;
┬░and of course a lot of practice we can do it.