This was day #4, but I just finished it today, I just had time to sketch that day.
Graphit on white paper, edited with Photoscape.

As I see, on lots of days I only got time to sketch.


Matthew Perry Portrait Then and Now

Well, I think I became pretty impatient, I have been too excited for the drawing course.
Therefore I could not concentrate to draw Matthew Perry normally again.

It was my plan to redraw him and John Newman before the course, to have the chance to compare one of my  portraits from 2002 and 2015 with the current ones.
To see what have I learned by myself without a teacher. (For the record I was not drawing from cc. 2005 until October 2014.)

This is the result of Matthew:

The sad part is that he is more unrecognizable on the newer one.
But at least I now better techniques than in 2002 and learned more about anatomy of the face and shading.

Drawing based on Imagination and Practice, Practice, Practice

It is very hard to draw after pics in your head. I think there’s only one way to do it correctly. You have to practice drawing follow (try to copy):

  1. other drawings (this is the easiest),
  2. black and white photos (it’s the second easiest),
  3. coloured photos and
  4. the real world, it’s the hardest.

That’s how you get to know the details of things and with that you can draw without help.

You have to practice years and years, thousands and thousands of drawings. I guess the best is to draw all day at least 1-2 hours.

Thoughts of others:

~ One of my teachers at the university (a psychologist-mathematician, who thaugt us statistics, economy and psychology, evolution of thinking, and he’s also author of some books and also knows talentimproving) said us, that if someone’s talented in something, it’s not enough. He/she have to practice for 10 (!) years all day to do something special.

~ One of my excollegues who drew well and earlier worked on famous animations, too (for example on All dogs go to heaven), said that in drawing nobody has to be talented. You only have to love it and practice a lot
(~ She also said that you can earn too little money nowadays with drawing;
~ and that traditional art is not enough, you have to learn to do digital art and constantly develop your knowledge and learn to use the newest softwares.)DSCN7570

As we can see on this drawing, this is amateur. This is the first one after my new start. But I didn’t use any reference pictures to draw it.
The image came to my mind with others, and I chose this one because I drew a lot of hair so far. A pic like this helps to know what you don’t know. (I started like oh it’s easy, but it’s not.) You have to remember so many details.

So the next step is practicing ‘immer wieder’ as the smart German says. Next drawings gonna be cat eyes, my love asked them.