Ref pic.: André Kertész: Chez Mondrian, Paris, 1926

anrdé kertész


The Walk

The Walk
My plan was to finish a piece every day, but it failed badly. I was not even able to draw or paint every day. I was on vacation, felt sick, worked a week in night shift, so I simply did not have the energy.

Today is the 20th day of the 30 day period, and as I counted I have 10 finished drawing/sketch/painting. Which is my personal record.

I can suggest to everyone who is a little under-motivated in practicing to try this challenge. What this changed for me:

  • Now I feel that I became brave enough to continue a piece even if I figured out that it will be not good enough. It is practice, it has not to be a masterpiece.
  • Because of the above statement I enjoy drawing so much more as I do not concentrate on the perfectionism and the result anymore, but I just flow with the joy of creating something 🙂
  • I try to manage my time to make more leisure time to draw and paint.
  • Drawing and painting has became an every day habit for me and this is such a good feeling.

Thanks for reading, have a great creative day ^ ^

#1 of 30 Day Drawing/Painting Challenge

1st still life
Let’s draw/paint every day!
I’ll try a 30 day challenge first and if it goes well and I can (have the time/energy/motivation) create a piece every day, then I’d like to try a 500 day one 🙂
It would be important to us who want to learn to draw/paint to practice every day.

First picture is my first aquarelle still life. Now I’ll run to the hobbystore, to buy very thick aquarelle paper as this one not thick enough.

Aquarelle Practice


So I painted this one yesterday and I discovered some things while I was working on it. And after that. The most important is, that white paint is very useful to correct mistakes.

On a previous painting I experienced that a lot of water and after that a cleenix tissue can get off the too much paint, but in this case this didn’t operate. So I tried to vanish the too hard lines with some white paint and it was a total success! Continue reading

Daily Practice and Analyzing it

DSCN0288 Good points:
* shading of the eyes and lips;
* basic forms are all right;
* I can’t say too much good, not satisfied with it.

I have to improve:
* the paper is not for aquarelle;
* the shading colours on the skin are not consistent, the neck is too dark, the shadings on the face are too light;
* too little eyes, a bit higher than they should be;
* nose is too long, lips are too low;
* the face and the neck is a little bigger than they should be.
* and a lot more.

The important thing is to never give up and try it again 10 000 times 😀