Hand Drawing from 2000

DSCN0130..JPGI drew my hand at the age of 13.

Actually I might submit some more old drawings as we have had a tragedy at my workplace, one of my 28 years old colleague died a few weeks ago (not there). It has been shocking to our team, and I could not draw since then, but I will try today. I am searching for a reference pic which can help to express this grief, but could not find it yet.

I truly hope that you, who are reading this, your family, friends, colleagues, neighburs and everyone who is is important to you, also your dear pets are very well. Please take care of yourself and each other .

Matthew Perry Portrait Then and Now

Well, I think I became pretty impatient, I have been too excited for the drawing course.
Therefore I could not concentrate to draw Matthew Perry normally again.

It was my plan to redraw him and John Newman before the course, to have the chance to compare one of my  portraits from 2002 and 2015 with the current ones.
To see what have I learned by myself without a teacher. (For the record I was not drawing from cc. 2005 until October 2014.)

This is the result of Matthew:

The sad part is that he is more unrecognizable on the newer one.
But at least I now better techniques than in 2002 and learned more about anatomy of the face and shading.

Mini Online Learning

So I found on the Hungarian DrawingMania facebook page a little free course which develops the right hemisphere and ones observation. Here is the result before and after:

After all these years, exactly 2,5 since I restarted drawing, I think it is time to speed up things a little.
I like my development, only it is really slow on my own. I’ve been practicing portraits for 1,5 years now, at the beginning one took weeks to complete, now it takes 4-6 hours I think, but with lots of breaks and I feel, that much more energy, than it needs and they are still far from perfect.

Long story short, I’m gonna participate in¬†a 4 days long course at the end of May, and later might in some online courses, as well.
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