The Walk

The Walk
My plan was to finish a piece every day, but it failed badly. I was not even able to draw or paint every day. I was on vacation, felt sick, worked a week in night shift, so I simply did not have the energy.

Today is the 20th day of the 30 day period, and as I counted I have 10 finished drawing/sketch/painting. Which is my personal record.

I can suggest to everyone who is a little under-motivated in practicing to try this challenge. What this changed for me:

  • Now I feel that I became brave enough to continue a piece even if I figured out that it will be not good enough. It is practice, it has not to be a masterpiece.
  • Because of the above statement I enjoy drawing so much more as I do not concentrate on the perfectionism and the result anymore, but I just flow with the joy of creating something 🙂
  • I try to manage my time to make more leisure time to draw and paint.
  • Drawing and painting has became an every day habit for me and this is such a good feeling.

Thanks for reading, have a great creative day ^ ^


The Beginning

So I found a great Harry Potter and Ginny sketch somewhere in google and tried1 to copy Harry with ballpoint pen to a sh***y paper.

I examined it and thought that it’s good enough to buy a pencil 🙂

3felirat Then with the pencil I copied a little town drawing by Laszlo Ujvarosi also on a bad paper. Then I finally decided to buy normal papers, too.

So the point is that I think first we should try how we can draw and when the result is good enough than we can buy some professional staff. Before that we should just practice with normal pencils or whatever.