Iterative Drawing

A couple of months earlier I found a very good teacher on youtube, Sycra. He says that iterative drawing is the most important thing in the learning progress. That means, that

if you wanna draw people, you have know the basics, how people look like and have to draw people every day, lots of people.

If you wanna draw landscapes, you have to draw landscapes every day. The tools, the technique are not so important.  It sounds simple, but you have to be very patient and hardworking. And then at one point your work will be amazing I guess or I hope.  Continue reading


Before the New Start

When I was 15 one of my friends had this homework to draw hairs. I liked her work and thought I can do this, too! So I went home and searched for black and white pictures in my books and tried to copy them. (I will show you a few of them when I figure it out how to make them normal looking with Photoshop or something.)

I was drawing sometimes then, but the few people who’ve seen them was not too positive, so I made less and when I started university I stopped drawing.

And lately I’ve started drawing again! I mean copy others drawings, but finally I have the patience to do it again. Feels so good, it’s flow experience (Csikszentmihalyi)