Drawing Course by Éva Paksi

After high school I have not been drawing with company, so I didn’t know what to expect on the course. It turned out to be much-much better than in my wildest dreams!
Our amazing teacher Éva Paksi was continously so nice and helpful. She worked out the course really great.
Everybody had such a great development in drawing in 4 days (Here can you check her former students’ before-after drawings :D) and we also had a wonderful time – relaxed, meaningful, valuable, calm, happy, and we learned very useful techniques (I feel that I can speak in the name of my group members too).

I have been learning from youtube in the last 2 years, and I thought, every technique is there. But this is not true or I couldn’t find all of the knowledge that I need.

So it was the best decision to change my learning style from self-thaught to this course which develops the right hemisphere.

Let’s see the main drawings:


Hand 1 day, Chair 2nd day


2nd-3rd day


3rd day


Fergie 4th day

I’ll definitely go to another courses as well.
For Hungarians it is highly recommended to join Éva’s training, it’s such a big experience and also not expensive.

Next step is to draw Matthew Perry again 😀


Daily Practice and Analyzing it

DSCN0288 Good points:
* shading of the eyes and lips;
* basic forms are all right;
* I can’t say too much good, not satisfied with it.

I have to improve:
* the paper is not for aquarelle;
* the shading colours on the skin are not consistent, the neck is too dark, the shadings on the face are too light;
* too little eyes, a bit higher than they should be;
* nose is too long, lips are too low;
* the face and the neck is a little bigger than they should be.
* and a lot more.

The important thing is to never give up and try it again 10 000 times 😀

Tools – Part1: Starterkit

For a starter I think it’s important to know the tools he/she can choose from to make art. Somebody can draw incredibly awesome stuff with a single classic blue ballpoint pen. Furthermore it doesn’t depend on the tools, instead on how you use them, but I think it’s better to know them, so you can choose wich one do you like the best.

First I’m gonna show you this starterkit:DSCN8800

There are
°colour pencils,
°and in the right three kind of paints: oil-colours*,
°and aquarelle (=watercolour, did you know that??:D).
°There are also 2 graphit pencils in the kit.

I’m gonna show you how they look like on the paper and my other tools, too.

If you’re not a rich starter, I recommend you something like this, if you feel that graphit pencils are not enough and want some colours (this is not a very good quality, but cheap).
I also recommend to like drawing-related groups on facebook – I bought this and some other pretty cool stuff cheaper and new via facebook posts where they advertised them cheap.

To be continued.

*: to the oil-colours you’re gonna need terpentin, too. I don’t have that yet.

Portrait in Progress

Just a little bit and the Madeline Carroll portrait will be done.

The face is ready, only a bit of hair and T-shirt is I have to finish.

It’s so exciting, what will it look like the whole of it, and who will be the next to draw.

What did I learn from creating this drawing so far:

1) Unfortunately my paper is too thin, so let’s learn not to buy and use too thin and cheap paper 🙂 We need normal paper.

2) I really need something to draw on. I can’t sit by a desk, I have my own little place, I only can create something there (or sometimes at work :D)

3) From next time I need to use more added lines for the sketch. You know with them U can be more precise with the sketch.

4) Clothes are not my strongnesses. I need to practice them.

5) I also need to practice body particles after artistic anatomy. Have to study for example the bones and the muscles on the face and neck first of all.

The others we will see later.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Learning how to Draw – Consequences from Experiences

As we can see some of the drawings are better than the others. Let’s try to put the 20.crossproautoképfeliratdrawings into groups and decide which groups are better than the others.

1) Coloured – Uncoloured: except from the Rapunzel, uncoloured drawings happened to be better than coloured. I guess it’s because of the more experience. Also because it’s much easier to draw only with one colour than always decide which colour is the best.

2) The Rapunzel makes a unique group itself because it’s drawn to a brown, hard paper and white pencils were also used to make it. The consequence is that it is very cool to make colourful drawings to brown paper, but coloured drawings to white paper are at the moment too big challenges to me.

3) Landscapes – Figures: Landscapes are okay, they make full pictures not like the figures they are just there without a background or anything. But the background is not alway good (for example the Aurora’s grey is not too good). So landscapes are DSCN2855sometimes better.

4) Although I’ve chosen simple pics to copy more times, the different drawings become more beautiful. I love to draw them, the only negative side is that they are drawn much slower. But as we can see it’s totally worth it.

(to be continued…)

Before the New Start

When I was 15 one of my friends had this homework to draw hairs. I liked her work and thought I can do this, too! So I went home and searched for black and white pictures in my books and tried to copy them. (I will show you a few of them when I figure it out how to make them normal looking with Photoshop or something.)

I was drawing sometimes then, but the few people who’ve seen them was not too positive, so I made less and when I started university I stopped drawing.

And lately I’ve started drawing again! I mean copy others drawings, but finally I have the patience to do it again. Feels so good, it’s flow experience (Csikszentmihalyi)