Tools – Part3 Pencils and Markers


1) Above are my colour pencils (sry ’bout the photo, I’ll change it later) from 4 brands. It doesn’t seems good enough but in live Faber-Castell Polychromos are way more the best (I bought them halfprise from a man who didn’t need them, so he advertised them in a drawing group in facebook).
The other 3 are cheap, it’s hard to draw with them (Crelando was in the starterkit which U can see in my post ‘Tools1’). Maybe Pelikan has got nice colours, but I had to draw with them with big effort. Faber-Castell is beautiful on the paper without effort and is soft.
I’ve heard that Derwent and Prismacolor are one of the best brands, too, but I didn’t try them, yet.

2) Here are my graphit pencils:DSCN8863


As we know ‘h‘ means hard, it looks lighter, ‘b‘ means soft, it’s darker on the paper (depends on the paper, too). The more ‘b’ is, the softer, the darker the pencil is (8b is more darker, than 2b).

On the pic we can see, that it depends on the brand, too. For example: the Stabilos are softer and darker than others. So it’s important to try our new pencils before we use them.

I’ll change the pic when I have time, and put more graphits on it, a pastel and a chacroal, too.

3) And these are the markers from the starterkit:
I don’t recommend them, they have too much water. It doesn’t seems on the pic, but they destruct this (technical drawing) paper. I’m gonna try them on other papers, too.


Tools – Part2: Holders, Papers

Today I’m gonna present some basic stuff, DSCN8808
because I didn’t have the time to draw samples with all my pencils (I’ll upload soon the finished parts and later all of them).

1) So here’s this thing to draw on (I don’t know it’s name in any languages:D):
You can put your paper on it and it can hold the papers. Size A4.

DSCN88222) This is a mappa where you can put your finished drawings in keepers.

Also size A4.

(There’s also a catleg on the 2nd pic of it – if U have cats, they’re gonna disturb you while you draw or make photo of a drawing:D).

Here’s the inside:DSCN8827








°Sketchbook A5
°Writing paper A5
°Copy paper white and coloured A4
°Technical paper A4
°Cheap drawing paper A4
°Technical paper A4
°Aquarelle paper A3

These are useable from them, because they’re thick:


Tools – Part1: Starterkit

For a starter I think it’s important to know the tools he/she can choose from to make art. Somebody can draw incredibly awesome stuff with a single classic blue ballpoint pen. Furthermore it doesn’t depend on the tools, instead on how you use them, but I think it’s better to know them, so you can choose wich one do you like the best.

First I’m gonna show you this starterkit:DSCN8800

There are
°colour pencils,
°and in the right three kind of paints: oil-colours*,
°and aquarelle (=watercolour, did you know that??:D).
°There are also 2 graphit pencils in the kit.

I’m gonna show you how they look like on the paper and my other tools, too.

If you’re not a rich starter, I recommend you something like this, if you feel that graphit pencils are not enough and want some colours (this is not a very good quality, but cheap).
I also recommend to like drawing-related groups on facebook – I bought this and some other pretty cool stuff cheaper and new via facebook posts where they advertised them cheap.

To be continued.

*: to the oil-colours you’re gonna need terpentin, too. I don’t have that yet.