#1 of 30 Day Drawing/Painting Challenge

1st still life
Let’s draw/paint every day!
I’ll try a 30 day challenge first and if it goes well and I can (have the time/energy/motivation) create a piece every day, then I’d like to try a 500 day one 🙂
It would be important to us who want to learn to draw/paint to practice every day.

First picture is my first aquarelle still life. Now I’ll run to the hobbystore, to buy very thick aquarelle paper as this one not thick enough.


Daily Practice and Analyzing it

DSCN0288 Good points:
* shading of the eyes and lips;
* basic forms are all right;
* I can’t say too much good, not satisfied with it.

I have to improve:
* the paper is not for aquarelle;
* the shading colours on the skin are not consistent, the neck is too dark, the shadings on the face are too light;
* too little eyes, a bit higher than they should be;
* nose is too long, lips are too low;
* the face and the neck is a little bigger than they should be.
* and a lot more.

The important thing is to never give up and try it again 10 000 times 😀

Iterative Drawing

A couple of months earlier I found a very good teacher on youtube, Sycra. He says that iterative drawing is the most important thing in the learning progress. That means, that

if you wanna draw people, you have know the basics, how people look like and have to draw people every day, lots of people.

If you wanna draw landscapes, you have to draw landscapes every day. The tools, the technique are not so important.  It sounds simple, but you have to be very patient and hardworking. And then at one point your work will be amazing I guess or I hope.  Continue reading

Tools – Part3 Pencils and Markers


1) Above are my colour pencils (sry ’bout the photo, I’ll change it later) from 4 brands. It doesn’t seems good enough but in live Faber-Castell Polychromos are way more the best (I bought them halfprise from a man who didn’t need them, so he advertised them in a drawing group in facebook).
The other 3 are cheap, it’s hard to draw with them (Crelando was in the starterkit which U can see in my post ‘Tools1’). Maybe Pelikan has got nice colours, but I had to draw with them with big effort. Faber-Castell is beautiful on the paper without effort and is soft.
I’ve heard that Derwent and Prismacolor are one of the best brands, too, but I didn’t try them, yet.

2) Here are my graphit pencils:DSCN8863


As we know ‘h‘ means hard, it looks lighter, ‘b‘ means soft, it’s darker on the paper (depends on the paper, too). The more ‘b’ is, the softer, the darker the pencil is (8b is more darker, than 2b).

On the pic we can see, that it depends on the brand, too. For example: the Stabilos are softer and darker than others. So it’s important to try our new pencils before we use them.

I’ll change the pic when I have time, and put more graphits on it, a pastel and a chacroal, too.

3) And these are the markers from the starterkit:
I don’t recommend them, they have too much water. It doesn’t seems on the pic, but they destruct this (technical drawing) paper. I’m gonna try them on other papers, too.