Practice from Reference



Tools – Part1: Starterkit

For a starter I think it’s important to know the tools he/she can choose from to make art. Somebody can draw incredibly awesome stuff with a single classic blue ballpoint pen. Furthermore it doesn’t depend on the tools, instead on how you use them, but I think it’s better to know them, so you can choose wich one do you like the best.

First I’m gonna show you this starterkit:DSCN8800

There are
°colour pencils,
°and in the right three kind of paints: oil-colours*,
°and aquarelle (=watercolour, did you know that??:D).
°There are also 2 graphit pencils in the kit.

I’m gonna show you how they look like on the paper and my other tools, too.

If you’re not a rich starter, I recommend you something like this, if you feel that graphit pencils are not enough and want some colours (this is not a very good quality, but cheap).
I also recommend to like drawing-related groups on facebook – I bought this and some other pretty cool stuff cheaper and new via facebook posts where they advertised them cheap.

To be continued.

*: to the oil-colours you’re gonna need terpentin, too. I don’t have that yet.

Drawing – Practice is the Key

Practice is the key obviously. After I saw a Hungarian artist’s Zita VĂ©gh’sZita_Vegh_Development
development (in the right), I believe that it’s possible for most of us to draw like her (F.Y.I. the last one was drawn with ballpoint pen).

Who really wants, he/she can do it in 10 years (one of my professors in a psychology class said that real talent will evolve with 10 years of practice).

So with pretty much motivation;
°and of course a lot of practice we can do it.