Ref pic.: André Kertész: Chez Mondrian, Paris, 1926

anrdé kertész


W.I.P. (not my own idea)

A year ago someone asked me on Deviantart to re-draw a digital drawing, and I wrote back to her, that ok, but I don’t know when can I finish it.
I like the picture, I started to draw, but lost my motivation.
Now I started it again:

Matthew Perry Portrait Then and Now

Well, I think I became pretty impatient, I have been too excited for the drawing course.
Therefore I could not concentrate to draw Matthew Perry normally again.

It was my plan to redraw him and John Newman before the course, to have the chance to compare one of my  portraits from 2002 and 2015 with the current ones.
To see what have I learned by myself without a teacher. (For the record I was not drawing from cc. 2005 until October 2014.)

This is the result of Matthew:

The sad part is that he is more unrecognizable on the newer one.
But at least I now better techniques than in 2002 and learned more about anatomy of the face and shading.