W.I.P. (not my own idea)

A year ago someone asked me on Deviantart to re-draw a digital drawing, and I wrote back to her, that ok, but I don’t know when can I finish it.
I like the picture, I started to draw, but lost my motivation.
Now I started it again:


Liam Neeson Portrait Drawing



This is not fully completed, there is a little more to do with the shading.
And also a better photo is needed. But I am impatiant right now 🙂

Learning how to Draw – Consequences from Experiences

As we can see some of the drawings are better than the others. Let’s try to put the 20.crossproautokĂ©pfeliratdrawings into groups and decide which groups are better than the others.

1) Coloured – Uncoloured: except from the Rapunzel, uncoloured drawings happened to be better than coloured. I guess it’s because of the more experience. Also because it’s much easier to draw only with one colour than always decide which colour is the best.

2) The Rapunzel makes a unique group itself because it’s drawn to a brown, hard paper and white pencils were also used to make it. The consequence is that it is very cool to make colourful drawings to brown paper, but coloured drawings to white paper are at the moment too big challenges to me.

3) Landscapes – Figures: Landscapes are okay, they make full pictures not like the figures they are just there without a background or anything. But the background is not alway good (for example the Aurora’s grey is not too good). So landscapes are DSCN2855sometimes better.

4) Although I’ve chosen simple pics to copy more times, the different drawings become more beautiful. I love to draw them, the only negative side is that they are drawn much slower. But as we can see it’s totally worth it.

(to be continued…)